Notation on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

shop's name Ginza Wakano
Operation supervisor name Akiko Kano
Postal code 105-0021
Address / Contact Operating company: Ginza Wakano Co., Ltd. Address: 1-10-1-3505 Higashi Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5568-7807
Explanation of charge other than product price Shipping fee · Transfer fee (payment to bank at price bank transfer) will be paid by the customer. In addition, in the case of overseas shipment, you will be responsible for customs duty and other charges.
Application validity period Within 7 days from application
About inferior goods For kimono and obi, we will not accept returns because of antique items. As for other things, we will exchange it as a substitute when abnormality is found by any chance.
Sales volume Basically kimono and obi become one point. Others please contact us.
Delivery time We will ship within 7 days from the day we can confirm the payment method after confirming the order contents. In case of overlapping business trip abroad, we will contact you as soon as we will return to the country. In case of overseas stock, it will be shipped from France or China.
payment method Paypal, bank transfer
Payment deadline Paypal at the time of order confirmation, within 7 days for bank transfer
Return deadline Returns other than Kimono / Obi will only accept defective items, only if you receive a message within 2 days of arrival.
Return shipping fee Obviously we will be responsible for any incompleteness, defects on this side.