Store Service

<Priority of the earlier of the order> There is a sales site in overseas, and there is a case where it will be exhibited also in the exhibition, so the one with the earlier order will take precedence. In addition, there are goods of overseas inventory at the time of order due to the above reasons. In that case, no additional shipping fee will be incurred, but please be aware that it will take time to deliver, and that there may be customs duties. In case of overseas stock items we will contact you once. In that case cancellation is also possible. <About returned goods> Because it is used goods and passed the era, we are paying close attention to injuries etc. In addition, regarding goods other than brand-new ones, we do not accept returns / exchanges due to the nature of the products. Please do not hesitate to question if you have any questions. In the unlikely event that there is a bruise that is not displayed, new products will be refunded, including the return shipping fee, so please contact us as soon as possible. For customers 'convenience' s return, please contact us by phone, e - mail. If you can contact us within one week after delivery, we will receive shipping fee (round trip), payment fee, transfer fee and transfer fee, we will accept returns. However, please contact us in advance. Please note that we can not accept returns even if you send it without contact.Please allow us to forgive your return due to differences in color due to differences in color etc. for colors.